What should I choose? We’ve researched several streaming TV services and found those below to be a great value for our members and a good place to start exploring streaming options. But don’t take our word for it. Do some research to determine the best fit for your household.

Confused about streaming TV services? We get that. Many popular options offer free trials so you can try it without risk to see what will work best for you. If you have questions give us a call we'd be happy to chat with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is streaming TV?

A streaming TV service delivers video programming, live or on-demand through an app or online website over the Internet. If you have EZVideo now, you’re already using a streaming TV service!

The majority of these streaming TV services operate as a subscription-based model and require a monthly payment to access content. But most do not require a contract or long-term commitment.

Will I need to upgrade my Internet speed?

Most streaming TV services recommend a minimum speed of 25 Mbps to allow for multiple streams and other connected devices to work simultaneously. Give our team a call to chat about your bandwidth needs to make sure you’re getting the most out of the services you subscribe to.

Can I still watch local channels?

It depends on the service, some have local networks available in their main channel lineups or as add-on packages. See the charts above for more information about local channels.

Will I still have access to my watchTVeverywhere content?

No. Once your subscription to TV services through ends, you will no longer be able to use your watchTVeverywhere login. However, many of the streaming and satellite options offer a similar experience with their service.

Do I need to purchase new equipment?

Many of the available streaming services should work on the connected device(s) you already have in your home. Plus, pair one or more streaming services with 's professional-grade wireless service, Home Sync, and watch all your shows in every room without buffering or signal degradation. We even have equipment suitable for outdoor use with long range, letting you queue up a movie while relaxing in your backyard.

What if I do not have Internet service from ?

Some TV services may not require an Internet connection, like DISH. However, the majority of streaming TV platforms run over the Internet and a require a connected device to stream content. has the most reliable network and lowest everyday prices in town. We’ll be here to provide quality high-speed Internet connections able to power entertainment for your entire family. Give us a call to chat with us about your service needs.

Can I watch live TV outside of my home?

It depends on the service, but most streaming TV options do support live viewing outside of the home. See the charts above for more information.

Will my new streaming TV service appear on my bill?

No. These services are all offered by third-party companies.

Note: has researched third party streaming services to bring the best and most tailored options for our members. Some services require additional account setup directly with a third party and are not billed by . For indepth support and billing questions you may need to contact the respective provider.