The Five Stages of Smart Home Parenting

Patty TerhuneClearView

One of Clear Creek’s most innovative products, ClearView Security and Home Automation, offers many solutions to keep your home secure and you connected to what’s going on at home, even when you’re away.  Here is a great article from our partner,, on what Smart Home Security can do for you and your family:

Welcoming children into your household is one of the most special and exciting times of life. It’s also one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever undertake.

Help will come in many forms: family, friends, the new social networks you’ll make as parents. It also comes in the form of technology that makes the everyday work of parenting easier. From electric bottle warmers to space-age stroller designs, you’ll soon discover technical fixes for every challenge.

Some of these are more valuable than others, and most technical fixes are specific to a short stage in your baby’s development. A few, however, are versatile enough to address multiple parenting challenges and adapt to new situations over the years.

One of these is smart home security, a technology that protects your home and everyone in it. It’s hassle-free to install and easy to expand with new equipment, making it an outstanding parenting investment that keeps on giving as your children grow.

1. The Newborn Stage: Comfort and Closeness

Having a newborn in your home is a time of wonder. You wonder at the magic of it all, and you wonder when you’ll ever sleep properly again. Your focus is on keeping your baby happy and comfortable, and acting quickly if they’re in distress.

Comfort starts with the Smart Thermostat and its remote temperature sensors, which help you ensure the perfect temperature wherever your baby sleeps.

Video monitoring in your nursery helps keep you connected to your baby no matter where you are in the house. When they nap, you too can catch up on sleep without worrying.

2. The Toddler Stage: Activity Awareness

When those baby steps turn into toddling and exploration, childproofing everything within four feet of the floor is the name of the game.

You can’t contain your toddler’s curiosity—nor would you want to—but you can stay aware of what they’re exploring by installing contact sensors around your home.

Thanks to instant smartphone alerts from when a sensor is triggered, you’ll have a sixth sense for trouble—whether that’s playing in the fridge or opening the bedroom door at 3am.

3. The School-Age Stage: No Time to Waste

Life with school-aged kids is busy! Simply getting children out the door and off to school while preparing yourself for work can be an everyday adventure. Your smart home security system makes everything easier.

Securing your home is as easy as a single tap on your app, thanks to our new Scenes buttons. Should you ever forget, will send you a reminder.

You can also automate your home to take care of things. Geo-Services can do things like set your thermostat back when you leave home, using your smartphone’s location to trigger proactive safeguards and other actions.

4. The Teen Stage: Managed Independence

Teens want independence. You want to keep them safe, and your home secure. Your system keeps everyone happy with smart access control and easy ways to keep an eye on your home-alone teens.

It starts at the front door, where a smart lock and a video doorbell let your teens come and go as they please, while also letting you know when they arrive home and who else is visiting. When your teen starts driving, smart garage door technology will give you additional peace of mind.

5. The College Years: Go on Vacation!

An empty nest is an opportunity to travel more. Whether you’re visiting the kids at college, or exploring new places on your own, makes any trip more relaxing.

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