What is HomeSync?

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Clear Creek’s Managed WiFi is more than just blasting WiFi everywhere. It’s about setting up a network that works specifically with your home, your devices and you.It powers your network with consistent speeds to keep all your gadgets going strong! Connect an unlimited number of computers and WiFi devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, e-Readers, and Gaming Consoles) to your network.

This service includes:

  • Set Up and Configure HomeSync Combo Router
  • WiFi Coverage Analysis. Our technician takes a Signal Strength measurement through the house to determine the optimal placement of routers. Customers receive a report of what the analysis found.
  • Establish wireless encryption on the router to secure network and safeguard personal information.
  • Ongoing phone support troubleshooting for your wireless network and connected WiFi devices.

Benefits of Clear Creek’s Managed WiFi

Secure and Cost-Effective Solution
Specifically designed for the home or office. Our team manages equipment firmware updates for the latest enhancements and security.

Low Costs
There are no huge up-front investments in Wi-Fi equipment. We maintain and enhance the service for you so there are no extra costs for maintenance, upgrades or replacements.

The flexible infrastructure can grow as the needs of your family or business grows. Need additional coverage? No problem. We can easily add additional Wi-Fi access points for a low monthly fee.

Cloud-Based Management
Your wireless network is at our fingertips with our cloud-based management portal. This gives our technicians real-time data on your access points, coverage areas, connected devices, data usage per device, and more.

Ability to Accommodate Visitors
Easily add a guest network to keep your business and customer traffic separate and highly secure.

Local Technical Support 
You get help when you need it from a local company that you know and trust.