World Back-up Day is March 31st

Patty TerhuneTech News

How often do you back up your computer data? Statistics say probably not often, with only 28% of people backing up their data at least monthly. With the growing importance of our digital life, backing up your computer data becomes increasingly important. With that in mind, World Back-Up Day has been invented for the purpose of raising awareness around the importance of data back-up.

Our data no longer consists of just business or personal documents or maybe spreadsheets. The digital lifestyle has expanded this data to possibly include, among other things: 1) personal mementos including digital photos and home movies; 2) a digital music library; 3) digital versions of favorite movies and TV shows; and 4) various work files including presentations and other important files. Losing this data to a faulty computer or hard drive, which is the storage compartment of your computer, could be devastating. You could literally lose many irreplaceable things.

Hard drives do fail, and usually the data stored on them cannot be retrieved.  According to, hard drives fail at an annual rate of 3 percent. That means 3 out of 100 will fail within the first year. By year three, it doubles to six out of 100.

The below infographic sheds some light on the state of data back-up and its growing importance. If you subscribe to Clear Creek Internet, you’re allotted up to 50 MB of free storage through Clear Creek’s MyBackUp, with the ability to purchase more space for back-up. If you haven’t done so already, we strongly recommend you set up some form of data back-up. You don’t even have to wait until March 31st!