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The average U.S. home has about 25 devices connected to WiFi. Think Smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets, smart speakers and appliances, and doorbell cameras. Does your WiFi system support them all with a strong signal that reaches throughout your home? If not, ask us about HomeSync Plus.

What is HomeSync Plus?

Put simply, it's WiFi that works. Featuring top-of-the-line router equipment, you can stream your favorite show, play online games, and work from home without worrying about the WiFi acting up. We'll professionally install the equipment in the optimal location so that every room in your home gets the strongest signal.

Stay Secure, Stay Connected with ClearView

ClearView is a revolutionary service that utilizes a patented security and interactive technology that provides best in class protection and the ability to monitor your home or business at all times. Our security system utilizes advanced interactive security solutions and wireless system components to provide the most reliable home or business monitoring service available.

  • Smart Home Security
  • Video Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Wellness
  • Security for your Business
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